Diana Stork

Logo designed by Philip Stork

I formed StorkArt LLC in 2016, with an eye to merging two of my interests – art and management. I had spent many years as a business professor, teaching courses in management, leadership, and ethics. I had consulted with a number of different businesses and found the small, purpose-driven organizations to be most exciting. I wanted to start something of my own.

My interest in art started in childhood. I remember my mother taking me to art classes after school. Apparently I had very little talent, but I enjoyed the classes. I continued to take art classes through high school, and in college, one of my favorite courses was introductory art history. In college, I also started taking photographs, developing and printing them myself. I lost interest when the world went digital, but I now own a digital camera and am taking photographs again. It was shortly after college that I bought my first piece of art. It was a poster by David Lance Goines, which I framed myself. It still hangs in my home.

While I was a Ph.D. student in NY, my brother (who had actually been a cartoonist for the Harvard Lampoon) introduced me to galleries and artists I had not known before. One gallery I discovered on my own was Gallery 71. The owner, Alfred González, introduced me to the work of several artists, one of whom was Lynn Shaler. I loved her work, began collecting, and eventually became interested in doing a book about her art. My interest in learning more about art and design continues today, with my recently completing a diploma in interior design and a certificate in sustainable design from the Boston Architectural College.

When I formed StorkArt, my vision was to promote and support art and artists in a variety of ways. The book, Lynn Shaler: Fine Prints 1972-2017 is the first completed StorkArt project. I wrote several essays for the book, served as the book’s editor, and shepherded the book to its release in October, 2018. Over the course of this project, I learned a lot about etching, aquatint, and publishing in the art world.

Looking to the future, I hope to…

Promote the work of visual artists, through publications and shows
Celebrate art for everyone, supporting community activities and events